White Sage, Sacred Herbs & Incenses

Californian White Sage

Salvia Apiana

The Purpose of Using Sage

Sage is a cleansing and purifying herb and can be used to help break up feelings of negativity.  Its properties make it ideal for use in cleansing and clearing ceremonies of people, places and objects, as well as for meditation or prayer.  People wanting to build a closer spiritual connection may also benefit from burning or carrying the herb.


Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions.  Smudging is the burning of the sacred herbs in cleansing, purification and prayer ceremonies.  All of the herbs used in the wands are viewed as ‘sacred’ by Native American Indians who have used the wands or loose herbs for generations for smudging.

How To Use

Light a Smudge stick and extinguish the flame allowing the Cedar to smolder.  Wave or use a feather fan to disperse the smoke through your Aura and into your Home and your Sacred Spaces.  Hold your intent as you smudge, Clear and Purify.  Use Smudge sticks to regularly keep yourself, your tools, crystals and homes clear to receive abundant light.  Our Sage is collected in an ecological and respectful way.

About California White Sage

This California White Sage grows solely along a 350 coastal eco system, the coastal mountains of Southern California.  It is the biggest-leafed, fattest-stemmed member of the entire sage family and a most highly valued smudge in Earth honouring ceremonies.  This broad leaf sage is prized for its strong aromatic properties; it has the strongest scent of all sages.  For a less pungent smell, try the Californian Blue Sage below.

More Californian Sages

Cedar Sage, Blue Sage & Yerba Santa

Cedar Smudge Stick


This evergreen pine has many varieties and is the oldest known material for use in incense making.  It’s woody scent for smudging has been used by many indigenous cultures including Nordic, Tibetan, Nepalese and Native American.  It is so because this tree represents Strength, our Connection to the Earth, Stability, Security, Healing and Protection.  Burning a smudge stick of cedar, or a blend of cedar and White Sage will provide an excellent purification of the environment’s energy – an elimination of even the most potent of negative vibrations as well as bringing in positive energies and spiritual guidance.

A wonderful Incense to have for grounding purposes as it is so earthy and woody.  Great lessons come to those who are in contact with this sacred tree.

Black Sage | Smudge Stick


Clearing | Cleansing | Meditation | Protection | Shamanic Journeying | Dreams | Restful sleep

Traditionally used as a pain relief medicine by Native American Chumash people – the leaves and stems were brewed into a tea poultice then rubbed on affected area or tea bath to soak one’s feet in.   Other tribes have medicinal uses for this native plant – often crushed into a paste, eaten raw or made into bath water to alleviate influenza, arthritis and rheumatism.  Interestingly given correct climate conditions, that is enough rain in California – Black sage can produce nectar from the flowers which can be made into honey.  It is often very dry in California so producing nectar is somewhat a rare event.  Black sage is closely related to White and Blue sage – it has hairy leaves, dark green to black in colour and is highly aromatic with strong peppery and minty notes to it.

Used in ritual smudging it has healing, cleansing and clearing benefits and will have your environment feeling zen-like afterwards.  This herb evokes a deep sense of restfulness, connection to one’s higher wisdom during meditation, assists with deep introspection particularly for shamanic journeying or visionary dreaming.  You can just have it nearby without burning it, this also changes the frequency of the energy wherever you put it.  One can feel Divinely guided and protected when using this herb.  As with Blue Sage, this also sheds more than White Sage when burning, so be sure to have a sacred vessel underneath when wafting around.

Rainbow Sage | White Sage & Rose Petals


Healing, Purifying, Attracting Love & Peace

This blend of White Sage and Rose Petal flowers is perfect for purifying your Chakras and home.  As well as clearing out negative energy, this smudge stick will help to attract love, beauty and peace.

Californian Yerba SantaEriodictyon Californicum


Purifying, Protection, Healing, Boundary setting, Courage

Yerba Santa means “Sacred Herb” in Spanish and has a long history of use as an alter offering with it’s uplifting scent.  Burn it to nurture and protect that which is sacred to you.  Use it when you need encouragement or courage.  If you need to get over a broken heart, grief or shyness this is a supportive smudge.  Use for protection, purification, psychic abilities, finding your innermost self.  Great to use for meditation or anytime deep spiritual cleansing is desired.

Mugwort Smudge Stick Artemisia douglasiana


Magic, Clearing, Protection

Mugwort is a member of the powerful Artemis family of herbs and is used widely both in western and eastern herbal traditions. It was used in medieval times to flavor beer and keep the user safe from evil possession.

This magical herb is associated with the Moon and female energy.  Use to cleanse the atmosphere of your space when you need something super-heavy-duty, beyond normal White Sage smudging.  Mugwort is also used for protection by hanging the plant around the home.  Place sachets of leaves in closets or  drawers to keep moths away from your clothes.

Some Mugwort leaf placed under a pillow will induce colourful and lucid dreams of prophecy and meaning.  Placed anywhere in the room it will protect from negative energies and unwanted ghosts.  Burn this herb to consecrate crystal balls, place leaves around to aid in psychic information.  In Shamanism it helps any environment become sacred and pure.

Our Mugwort is wildcrafted in California and Oregon.

Sacred Palo Santo Wood Bursera Graveolens


Clearing, Spiritual Purifying, Healing, Sacred space setting

Its name literally means holy wood, and it is just that. When burned, the smoke is believed to have both medicinal and therapeutic healing power. Traditionally, it is burned by Incas, indigenous people of the Andes, Shamans and medicine people for spiritual purifying, energy cleansing and healing. Bursera Graveolens tree lives for 40 to 90 years; after death, the wood matures 4 to 10 more years before it ‘falls’. Only then is it consecrated as ‘sacred wood’. From Peru.

Sacred Herbs & Resins For Burning On Mini Charcoals

Glass Amber 30gm jars 

For burning on mini charcoals to purify, clear, aid meditation, connect to intuition & Spirituality


A super-special (rare) blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, White Sage, Black Sage, Mount Shasta Sage, Desert Sage, Yerba Santa, Copal, Mugwort, Juniper, and Cedar. 

Elemental & Lunar Ritual Oils

About Organic Ritual Oils:

These gorgeous Ritual oils are blended by hand in Piha according to the moon cycles.  Each combination is a magical blend of organic essential oils in a Tsubaki base, that represents one of the elements and moon phases.  These are intended for ritual use, in the bath, as a perfume, in the diffuser or to anoint candles. Activate during rituals by anointing 3 drops in a pyramid on your wrists, behind ears or one drop on third eye.
The power of perfume to invoke power to oneself through the elements is well known throughout the centuries and used as a ritual oil can alter states of being in an intentional and purposeful way.  These are the perfect gift to give to a friend on their birthday – you just need to know their star-sign and match the oil.  Do Not use when pregnant, always do a skin test on back of wrist to test sensitivity, wait 24 hours.

Elemental Oils:

Elements remind us of the interconnectedness of all things.

Earth:  Grounded – to invoke the power of Earth, brings in money, stability, security and feelings of safety.  For Star-signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.
Air:  Wild Wind – to invoke the power of Wind, promotes clarity, going with the flow, adaptability, travel and overcoming addictions.  For Star-signs, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Fire:  Dragon’s Fire – to invoke the power of Fire, brings in energy, passion, strength, courage, assists in letting go burning rituals.  For Star-signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Water:  Tidal – to invoke the power of Water, promotes love, healing of emotions.  For star-signs, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.

Wood:  Heralding the beginning of all life, Springtime, the East, growth and expansion. Wood can help cast away anger and negativity to bring in fresh, positive vibes.

Heavy Metal:  To invoke the element of Metal, or precision, simplicity and clarity.  Use to help reveal the truth of a situation.

Everyday Oils:



House Purification

Everyday Incense

House Blessing – burn on a mini charcoal

Abundance – burn on a mini charcoal

Protection – burn on a mini charcoal

Planetary Oils:

Each of the 12 planets corresponds to an astrological sign, a chakra and a transpersonal characteristic that have powerful energetic healing properties.,

Sun:  Leo/Heart chakra.  Joy, Self esteem, Radiate, Sunset & Sunrise rituals.
Moon:  Cancer/Third Eye.  Nurture, Emotions, Intuition, Grandmother energy.

Mercury:  Gemini/Crown chakra.  Mind, Communication, Travel.

Venus:  Taurus/Throat chakra.  Beauty, Pleasure, Love.

Mars:  Aries/Sacral chakra.  Power, Magic, Passion, Courage.

Jupiter:  Sagittarius/Solar Plexus chakra.  Success, Good luck, Legal help.

Saturn:  Capricorn/Base chakra.  Boundaries, Discipline, Organise.

Uranus:  Aquarius/Crown chakra.  Freedom, Independence, Invention.

Neptune:  Pisces/Throat chakra.  Dreamer, Artist, Mystic.

Pluto:  Scorpio/Sacral chakra. Self Mastery, Endings, Rebirth.

Chiron:  Virgo/Core Star.  Healer, Shaman, Sacred Journey.

Vulcan:  Libra/Hara Line.  Fashion, Harmony, Balance.

Sweetgrass Plait – Hierochloe Odorata

(Hand plaited from First Nations tribe, Canada) Sweetgrass has many ceremonial uses among most American Indian tribes and is often used in conjuction with White Sage.  Considered sacred, it’s smoke is used for prayer, cleansing and as a healing agent.  Sage is first burned to drive away any negative forces, then sweetgrass is burned to summon positive ones.  This special herb has a sweet vanilla-like scent and brings with it the blessing and love of our Earth Mother evoking feminine essence.  It is often braided with  the three sections representing mind, body and soul. Sweetgrass can be unbraided or trimmed into small pieces and sprinkled on hot charcoals.  It is frequently used in Sweat lodge ceremonies, tied to traditional bustles and used as a sachet for clothing to keep clothes fresh.  Sometimes known as Marsh Hay, Holy Grass, Vanilla Grass and in Lakota it is called Sink’pe tawota.

House Clearing Instructions

See what Karen Reid and other kiwi psychics suggest for energetically clearing your home here: http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/home-property/90208955/how-to-clear-your-home-of-bad-vibes


House Clearing Instructions using White Sage:  Start at front door, light sage and allow to burn (flame) for a short time until it is burning reasonably well, then put out the flame by waving through the air fast or blowing out and you will then have a smouldering smudge stick.  Ask Great Spirit to help you shift the energies, say your own prayer if you wish.  Move in a straight line to each corner, working in a clockwise direction around the house, lifting up the smoke at every corner.  Sage in cupboards and dark places as you go, until you end up back at the front door.  Sage the entrance of the door with it open to allow negative energies to escape.  Put sage on doorstep allow to burn for a couple of minutes and then you could put out if you wish to use the smudge stick in the future.  Put out in some sand in a container such as a Paua shell or saucer.

Sage Bath: Smudging for self-clearing is not suggested if you suffer from asthma or respiratory illnesses.  You can enjoy the benefits of this wonderful cleansing herb by having a Sage bath.  Put 5gm of Sage crush into a cup of hot water.  Leave it for 30 mins then pour off the tea and pour into your bath.  Sage bath is also used for relaxing the hyperactive mind.


The Process of grounding means to be energetically connected to the Earth through your base chakra (energy centre).  Being grounded centres your unique essence into your physical body which acts like a conductor for Earth’s energies and a conduit for Spiritual energies to come through.  Being properly centered into the Earth’s energies will keep your Energy field in a good flow and your emotions balanced so that you can manifest your life purpose, goals and dreams.  You know you are not grounded if you are experiencing any of the following:


  • Dizziness
  • Clumsiness / tripping over things
  • Feeling out of your body
  • Staring a lot / loosing track of conversations
  • Nervous & Irritable
  • Tired / no passion for life


Ways to ground yourself


  • Walk barefoot on the grass, earth or sink your feet into the sand at the beach.  Take big deep breaths in and out.  Research shows a good 90 minutes barefoot on Earth or walking in nature grounds you properly.
  • Sit next to a tree or place your hand on it.  Feel into the strength and power of the tree.  Allow yourself to become the same frequency as the tree and imagine you have tree roots extending out the bottom of your feet sinking deeply into the molten core of the Earth.  You can also imagine drawing this energy up into your feet and legs all the way from the Earth.
  • Eat lots of Earthy root vegetables like Kumara, sweet potato, beetroot, Jerusalem artichokes and carrots.
  • Use sounding such as chanting, singing, Oming, humming or letting out big noisy sighs.
  • Use smells such as incense and Aura Soma (REDS) to stimulate the first chakra and first level of your energy field.