Mugwort Sage | Smudge Stick

$18.00 (incl GST)

Magic, Clearing, Protection

Medium stick approx 12cm.

Mugwort (Artemisia Douglasiana)

Magic, Clearing, Protection

This magical herb is associated with the Moon and female energy.  Use to cleanse the atmosphere of your space when you need something super-heavy-duty, beyond normal White Sage smudging.  Mugwort is also used for protection by hanging the plant around the home.  Place sachets of leaves in closets or  drawers to keep moths away from your clothes.

Some Mugwort leaf placed under a pillow will induce colourful and lucid dreams of prophecy and meaning.  Placed anywhere in the room it will protect from negative energies and unwanted ghosts.  Burn this herb to consecrate crystal balls, place leaves around to aid in psychic information.  In Shamanism it helps any environment become sacred and pure.