Moon Ritual Oil

$35.00 (incl GST)

The Coven

Moon | Ritual Oil

A Blend of Organic and ethically sourced essential oils, in a Japanese Camellia Tsubaki Base honouring all Moon Events.

Full moons are a time of completion and harvest.  It is an excellent time for a letting go and cleansing ritual.  The full moon energy is powerful and will amplify your process of clearing & letting go.  Anoint wrists and behind ears, then breathe in three times before contemplation and meditation.

New Moon:  Blessings for new beginnings, start of a project

Scent Notes:  Warm, slightly sweet, spicy, vanilla/almond/dark honey, very deep.  All the ancient expensive oils that evoke deep contemplation.

To use:

Anoint wrists or behind ear for use during meditation and lunar/cycle events.

Place a few drops in the diffuser

Use as a Perfume

Add 5-10 drops into your bath

Add a few drops to your oil burner

Add a few drops to a damp warm cloth or tissue to inhale

Do not use if Pregnant.