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Remote Healings & Readings with

Advanced Brennan Healer & Teacher Karen Reid Dip.BHSc

We offer high quality and deeply relaxing Remote energy healing & readings by Karen Reid who is able to see, read & heal your Energy Field as well as connect to Spiritual Guidance and passed over loved ones. With over 20 years’ experience, following 7 years of training with NASA physicist & bestselling Author Dr Barbara Ann Brennan you are in safe hands. BHS may help to support you in times of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, emotional and spiritual pain… read more …

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Nine Healing meditations to help you heal, clear, balance and charge your chakras and deeply relax.  Enjoy!

Description:  There is no music – just Karen’s voice as a guide, designed to assist you in releasing old past hurts so that you can begin living more deeply connected to your core and heart centre.  This album is a must for all those seeking to develop a greater awareness of their energy field.

Recorded at 432 hertz (rather than the usual 440) this alum not only captures Karen’s spoken voice but using cool technology, we have also captured the frequency and vibration of Karen’s entire energy field.  It’s like having your own personal healer in the room with you!

We are here for you offering support during these stressful times.  

Call Karen for a 15 minute, 30 minute phone session to stop, breathe, connect with your Intuition, Spiritual Guides and Passed over loved ones.

One-hour remote healing sessions available too.



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Watch my Youtube channel, there are many videos here to help you on your healing journey as well as exercises, handy energy tips and much more.

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