Brennan Healing Science

What is Brennan Healing Science?


After years of researching the Human Energy Field (HEF) and studying numerous healing modalities, Dr. Barbara Brennan developed Brennan Healing Science (BHS), a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. This work combines High Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with their personal process of healing. It touches every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.


Dr. Brennan’s best-selling books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging are considered classics in the field of complementary medicine and are drawn on by practitioners of various forms of energy healing. They are also the main textbooks used at her school, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, located in Miami, Florida. The school offers a 4 year undergraduate program in energy healing and a 2 year Advanced Studies program which dives more deeply into the work.

Graduates of the school have completed studies in personal transformation, energy awareness and High Sense Perception. They are highly trained energy healers who have learned specialized hands-on healing techniques and skills in professional practice and integrative care. These techniques and skills cannot be learned from reading Dr. Brennan’s books alone. Graduates also have a high sensory awareness of the connections between mind, body and emotions. Both the undergraduate and Advanced Studies programs are highly vigorous. These programs require dedication and a significant investment, on many levels, from the practitioner.


A BHS Practitioner holds each healing session as a sacred experience. The practitioner’s primary objective is to support you in your unique healing journey with proficiency, integrity, and compassion. The BHS Practitioner is committed to creating a safe, empathic, and life-affirming environment to best facilitate your healing and transformational process. In the broader context of community and world service, the BHS Practitioner applies his or her knowledge and training to support the evolution of the human spirit. BHS may be combined with traditional medicine or other modalities. When done so, BHS can be a powerful vehicle for facilitating change on a holistic level that feeds both the physical body and the soul.


“It is no accident you are here. You have brought yourself to this very moment in your life, for your own purposes, which arise out of the deep and sacred longing that you carry above your heart. The more that you honor that longing, the more you will find yourself directly on your path in a life that is joyous and fulfilling, in a life that is creative and forgiving.”


from Light Emerging, Barbara Ann Brennan, 1997.

What to expect in a Brennan Healing Science Session:


Before receiving a Brennan Healing Science (BHS) session, it is helpful to become clear on what your intention is for the session and your healing journey. The more clear you are on your needs and goals, the more likely you are to have your needs met and your goals achieved.


Each healer is unique and has something different to offer. When choosing a healer, it is important to choose someone with whom you feel comfortable and safe; someone with whom you can share your personal issues. We recommend choosing a healer that feels right for you, considering his or her expertise and what you would like help with.


Typically the BHS Practitioner will spend the first fifteen minutes talking with you and learning about what you would like help with. If it is your first session, this amount of time may be longer. During the conversation, he or she is actively listening and observing the energy patterns of the moment while inviting the Highest Good into the session.

During the interview process, the practitioner will ask you questions about your health. While BHS Practitioners are not doctors and therefore do not diagnose illness or prescribe drugs, it is important that you share your health history with the practitioner. In doing so, the practitioner will know how to work with your energy system and which techniques to apply.


Once the discussion is complete, you will lie down on a massage table, fully clothed and, if necessary, supported by a bolster. You may also be covered by a blanket. Typically a BHS Practitioner will first give you a chelation which starts at the feet and ends at the head. A chelation is an energy healing technique that clears, charges and balances the energy field and chakras. Even though BHS is hands on healing, it differs from massage therapy in that the practitioner’s touch is light. The practitioner may work with your energy without having his or her hands on your body. During the chelation, the BHS Practitioner stays connected to the earth, self, Spirit and you; working with his or her own energy field to facilitate change in your energy field. Energy is transmitted to you through focus, intention, and attention. Once the chelation is complete, the practitioner may use various techniques, learned through years of training at BBHS, until the completion of the healing. These techniques include restructuring chakras, working with energetic relationship cords and many others.


The BHS Practitioner may also give you a hara and Core Star healing. During this type of healing you would also be laying the table and fully clothed. Hara is often referenced in martial arts as the center of being. Hara is where we hold our intentions, life purpose, and life task. At the Brennan School of Healing, practitioners learn how to work with hara and Core Star. Hara is an energetic line that connects you to the earth and the heavens. Core Star is your Divine essence or your unique qualities that nobody else has in the same way as you. Healing hara and Core Star can result in a feeling of purpose, acceptance and a knowing of Divinity on a deep level. BHS Practitioners are skilled in working with hara and Core Star and actively engage these dimensions during healings.


During the session, your job is to receive and relax as much as possible. Each person’s experience during the session is unique and will differ. Some people find it helpful to pay attention to the breath. Others will fall asleep or enter into a half sleep or alpha state of relaxation. A wide range of emotions may arise. Often people find the healings to be very relaxing and experience a floating sensation.


Blocked energy is released, allowing you to have a fuller and more comprehensive sense of self. The relationship between you and your healer is transformative and awakens the interconnection between mind, body, and soul. This relationship may take time to build. We encourage you to soften into transformation and allow the organic process of healing to unfold.


Sessions typically last sixty minutes. After the session is complete, the healer will spend a short amount time with you. While it is understandable that you might have questions after a healing, generally, it is advisable to keep the conversation to a minimum so that the healing can be fully held and integrated. Questions may be asked at a later time or at the next session. It is not uncommon to have vivid dreams the evening of the healing or in subsequent days.


“The healer helps clients open a corridor to the deeper creative energies of their core, from which they create their experiences of reality.”

Light Emerging, Barbara Ann Brennan, 1997.

The Four Dimensions Of Humankind


A foundational concept in Brennan Healing Science describes the distinct vibrational dimensions of human existence. Barbara Brennan coined the term “Four Dimensions of Humankind”, referring to the Physical dimension, Auric dimension (a.k.a., the Aura), Haric dimension (a.k.a., the Hara) and the Core Essence (or Core Star) dimension.


Each dimension is a quantum leap deeper than the preceding dimension. Further, each dimension serves as a foundation to the preceding dimension. Accordingly, profound healing is possible by working on the deeper dimensions and allowing the shift to ripple up through the other levels. A professionally trained healer will use discernment in determining a client’s readiness for this deeper level of work, as it can result in a rapid manifestation of changes on the physical and auric levels.


1. Physicality

Everything in the material universe is composed of energy down to the charges of electrons in your atoms and this energy is meant to flow. However, it can become blocked or distorted, stagnated or even torn for a variety of reasons such as emotional, psychological and physical traumas or spiritual crisis.


With regard to the energies of your body and your personal energy field that surrounds you, your continued good health and well-being rely on that free flow of energy throughout.


Also there are energy fields of one kind or another around all matter, not just humans or animals. Nature extends energy fields around all of the physical world. The plant kingdom, even rocks and crystals have energy fields, because, once again, everything is energy vibrating at a specific frequency.

2. The Human Energy Field or Aura

Now besides having a material physiology we also have energy field anatomy, composed of different vibrational levels and something called chakras, which are energy vortices situated over joints, organs and major endocrine glands. Someone trained to work with these can help smooth, charge and restructure any distorted, torn or undercharged areas to help your body heal more effectively on the physical level. You will find more information on this in the FAQ section of this website.


Try this experiment to sense your own energy field:


Put your hands out in front of you, palms facing each other. Now, in your mind, intend that you feel the energies in the palms of your hands. Can you feel a sort of ‘opposition’- like your hands are being held apart? Or try this – move your hands a bit closer, slowly – now pull them back.
Most can feel a sort of pressure between their hands, that is your energy field or ‘aura’.


You can also hold your hand, say, over your arm, and feel it as well, but generally using the palms of the hands seems to work best.


With practice and intention you can readily learn more about how to perceive your own energy field and work with it.


Let’s try something else:


Close your eyes and remember a time in your life when everything was perfect and joyful. Maybe you are a child or perhaps it was yesterday or last week. Really anchor the visual and, most of all, that feeling of pure joy. Now put your hand on your heart and breathe in that feeling, once, twice, three times. Infuse your whole body with it – let every cell feel that joy. Now open your eyes…how do you feel, are you smiling yet? You just moved your heart energy throughout your whole body and charged every cell with that flow. You can do that any time you need to energize yourself emotionally or physically. It only takes a minute or so.

3. The Haric Level of Intention

Consciousness begets form, not the reverse. First there is consciousness and through intention form is manifested.


It begins with a thought upheld by a pure intention and an emotional feeling underneath the belief in that thought. When no conflicting beliefs intrude, manifestation of the original thought occurs. From the thoughts in the Mind of God creating the cosmos to the thoughts of a human brain creating a grocery list, we create our own reality.


The strength of our intention to be embodied and to manifest our goals gives impetus to the Life Force that animates and drives us. This ignites our passion and creativity to carry out our goals and longings.


As human beings we are connected to the Source of our Being as well as to the physicality of the Earth. We need to stay connected to both to be able to express and effectively be who we are in the world.

4. Core Essence

At the core essence level of existence, we are always connected to the Source of who we who truly are. This Essence at the center of our Being expresses our Divinity in the world. At times our truth is hidden by the games our ego plays but underneath the dramas and fears of everyday life, we are divinely whole.


When we are in our Core Essence, there is joy in our hearts and we shine with the innate Light of our being. There is no fear. We are living in our hearts and making our choices from love.


When we are in our Essence people are drawn to us. They feel the genuineness and authenticity flowing from this Core Essence.


In a world of unity – not the duality we live in – we would always be in our Essence and would have very little need for healing. However, because we do not always choose our joy or what is best for us, the need exists.


Brennan professional healers are trained to remove the energetic blockages and distortions in our energy fields.


They provide a compassionate presence that can help the client find their Core Essence to lead a more joyful and authentic life.

The Human Energy Field And Chakras


The Human Energy Field (HEF) consists of different levels of vibrations or frequencies, and something called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel of light. Chakras act like energy transformers, either stepping up the energy in frequency or stepping it down.


There are seven main chakras, (top of the head, middle of forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower belly and between the legs). These chakras open up from the central power current (you might say the energetic complement to the spine) both on the front of the body and on the back. In addition, our joints, organs, hands and bottoms of the feet also have smaller individual chakras.


You could think of the shape of the chakra as a wheel, a vortex or a funnel. In fact they spin either clockwise or counterclockwise. Each of the major chakras is associated with an endocrine gland and also carries emotional and physiological aspects to it. For instance, the 2nd Chakra, found between the naval and the pubic bone, is related to our reproductive organs and carries our feelings in that regard as well as emotional feelings that arise out of our belief systems about ourselves.

Click the image to enlarge

Chakra Properties Chart created by Cara Andershock & Randall Segal.

The job of the chakra is to take in energy from the Universal Energy Field to nourish that particular area of the energetic body, which then nourishes the material body. Each chakra also has a particular frequency, which sends energy out into the person’s energy field. The highest frequencies are found on the 5th, 6th and 7th chakras and the lowest are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The heart is the bridge between. Likewise, color and sound (having frequency) are associated with the major chakras.


The different vibrational levels of the energy field can be structured, that is, like a template of lines of light or they can be fluid or cloud like. They are linked to the chakras and exhibit the same psychological and emotional characteristics.


Now, different therapies, different schools of healing, and different metaphysical philosophies do not always agree specifically on what the chakras look like or how they may spin or even emotional characteristics. This does not make any of them wrong and here is why. Just as Quantum physics is showing us how a particle and a wave can be the same phenomena depending on the perspective, perception and intention of the observer, a person who intuitively reads or ‘sees’ energy may see through their perceptions one thing while another person may symbolize that same idea differently according to their belief systems. This is also true for psychics when they give readings.


A well-balanced energy system promotes health, vitality and well-being. All systems in the body are energetically nourished and the immune system is enhanced. A person feels grounded and in harmony with themselves. However, distortions, tears, stagnant energy, and imbalances can occur within these chakras, energetic organs and the energy field. This is due to traumas which can be physical, physiological or emotional in nature and which undermine the natural harmony or ease of the body. Therefore, we are said to be in a state of dis-ease.

The intention for a healthy physical body follows a step-down sequence of energies through the human energy field. Starting with the higher spiritual levels and flowing into the denser physical realm, the experience of health is made manifest in the following sequence:

The Seventh level of the field is one of Divine Knowing–
“I know I am One with Source”


The Sixth level of the field is one of Divine Loving –
“I love life universally”


The Fifth level of the field is Divine Will –
“Thy Will and mine are one”


The Fourth level of the field is Loving –
“I love humanity”


The Third level of the field is Clear Thinking –
Clear thinking used to implement love and will.


The Second level of the field is Real Feeling –
Natural unblocked flow of feelings corresponding with Divine Reality creates Love.


The First level of the field is ‘I exist’ –
Natural metabolism of energy, which maintains the structure and function of this first level: yin/yang balanced, creates: we’re okay.


The Physical Body as Being-ness –
Natural metabolism of chemical energies, balanced systems, creates: physical health.


From a healer’s perspective, all disease processes start first in the client’s energy field. The energy field is capable of being distorted, blocked, stagnated, torn and burned. From either physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual traumas, the energy field can be stopped from its’ healthy vibrant flow.



The following is an example of the dynamic process of disease:



7th Level
I believe I am; Believes he is superior to others

There is a tangle or tear in this 7th level of the field


6th Level
I love what I believe; Loves being superior

Weak or blocked Celestial Light


5th Level
I will my beliefs into being; Tries to be superior

Distortion in 5th level template


4th Level
I desire according to my beliefs; Desires to be superior

Blocks on 4th level, dark forms, stagnated energy


3rd Level
I think according to my beliefs; I think I can/cannot be Superior

Disturbance of form of mental body, dissociated thought forms


2nd Level
I feel according to my beliefs; fear, anger grief, pain

Dark blocks of energy stagnated or depleted energy


1st Level
I am according to my beliefs; fear, anger, grief, pain

Tangles, breaks or disruptions in level of field (imbalance of yin/yang, overcharge in solar plexus)


Physical Body
I exist according to my beliefs; Disease


Physical illness like ulcers


At the point where less universal energy is able to enter the human energy field, the physical body becomes ‘under-nourished’. Given enough time in this unbalanced condition, the body would continue to weaken in that portion of the HEF and create a dis-ease.


Emotional and psychological issues relating to organs and body areas also become important. For instance, the liver processes toxins from the body. Anger and rage are toxic to our being and on an physical level, the liver also processes the anger and rage. If the client leaves these issues unresolved eventually there could very well be liver problems.


Creating dis-ease in our bodies is ultimately about forgetting who you truly are. Important questions to ask yourself are ‘how have I forgotten who I am’ and ‘how does this pain serve me?’

Higher Sense Perception


What does this really mean? Higher Sense Perception, or “HSP”, as we shall refer to it from now on, is just what it says – a more sensitive way of perceiving the world.

It will look highly different from one person to the next. Some people may be predominantly clairvoyant (clear-seeing), getting visions or clear pictures in their minds, or some people may be clairaudient (clear-hearing), being able to hear information that comes to them. Often, people receive information kinesthetically, which is to say that they ‘feel’ the information and that may look like harmony or disharmony in their bodies. Some people are highly intuitive and just ‘know’.


Every single person has vast amounts of information coming to them at all times. Our brains are not set up at this time to process all that comes to us, especially that which comes to us beyond the five physical senses. We select information constantly, according to our belief systems and biases.


Some people, however, are born with the ability to sort, organize and interpret non-physical data naturally and to distinguish what is and what is not relevant at the time. The rest of us have to train ourselves to pay attention to what is in front of us physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. An extended period of practice and validation strengthens these high-perception skills. A healing professional learns to trust their inner heart as to the truth of a matter.


Your Truth is not Deduced from your Logic
Your Truth,
Your Knowing,
Is Felt in the Heart


In the case of Brennan Practitioners, they have a four-year program in which to develop their HSP and a great deal of feedback from teachers who have developed their own. The goal is to become as clear a ‘channel’ as possible in order not to distort the information with personal beliefs. The practitioner knows that the information may also come symbolically and needs to allow for that.