Mars Ritual Oil

$35.00 (incl GST)


Mars Ritual Oil – use to invoke:

Power, Magic, Passion, Courage

Planet:  Mars

Chakra: Sacral

Constellation: Aries

Scent notes:  Warm, spicy, peppery

A wonderful ritual oil to use before a first date, or when you are nervous about meeting someone.  The grounding and protecting energy of the spicy scent will help you find your inner drive and passion within the sacral chakra.   A little goes a long way – start with just two drops on the skin, the peppery scent is strong!  Then increase as you need to. No-one is going to mess with you, wearing this scent.

Anoint wrists, behind ears, on 3rd eye for meditation, yoga and martial arts.  Use as a perfume, in Bath,

oil burner or diffuser.

Do not use when pregnant.  Do a patch test on the back of wrist for 24 hours if sensitive.