White Sage and Cedar Smudgestick

$25.00 (incl GST)

White Sage and Cedar Smudge stick

This evergreen pine has many varieties and is the oldest known material for use in incense making.  It’s woody scent for smudging has been used by many indigenous cultures including Nordic, Tibetan, Nepalese and American Indian.  It is so because this tree represents Strength, our Connection to the Earth, Stability, Security, Healing and Protection.  Burning a smudge stick of cedar, or a blend of cedar and White Sage will provide an excellent purification of the environment’s energy – an elimination of even the most potent of negative vibrations as well as bringing in positive energies and spiritual guidance.  In ancient times it was said to invoke Gods such as Oden (Nordic) and connecting us to our ancestors.  Using cedar assists one to connect more deeply to one’s higher guidance particularly in times of great stress, anxiety and where needing to ‘get back on track’ is required.  Cedar makes a wonderful ally to help you find your purpose in life, simply leave a little smouldering nearby to enhance intuition and deepen your meditation practice.