Uranus Ritual Oil

$35.00 (incl GST)


URANUS Planetary Ritual Oil –Use to invoke:




Chakra:  Crown

Astrology:  Aquarius

Scent notes: Camphor like, fresh floral herbal, slightly medicinal

Uranus is a huge planet that, like Venus, rotates in the opposite direction of all the other planets.  This has a natural association with Aquarius, the need for independence and freedom as well as the Universal mind or crown chakra.

Scent notes of sweet menthol and French Lavender, this uplifting and inspiring blend calms the mind, yet brings crystal clarity – great for channelling through ideas for your next invention.

Anoint wrists, behind ears, on 3rd eye for meditation or yoga.  Use as a perfume, a few drops in the Bath, oil burner or diffuser.

Made in Piha following moon and planetary cycles.

Ingredients:  Organic essential oils, herbs, gums, resins and woods.

Do not use when pregnant.  Try a test patch on back of wrist for 24 hours if sensitive.