Saturn Incense

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Saturn Incense – Use to invoke:




Planet:  Saturn

Chakra: Base

Astrology: Capricorn

Scent Notes:  Dry woody, sweet herbal, coniferous aroma

Essentially a massive gas ball adorned with beautiful rings, Saturn is the second largest  planet after Jupiter.  Named after the Roman God of time, agriculture, money and wealth, naturally this associated well with the base chakra.

Scent notes of deep musky base with a citrus kick will help to set grounded boundaries and find order from within.

Saturn return:  This happens two or three times in your life – About every 29.5 years, which is the time it takes for the Saturn to circle around the Sun, so at ages 29-30 and 59-60 we may find ourselves at a crossroads where we need to get serious about who we are, where we’re going and what we are doing, a soul-searching period which should not be feared!  Breathe, ground in your being, take one step at a time and all will be well.

Burn on a mini charcoal in a fire-proof vessel on a trivet.

Limited time:  free charcoal with purchase

Do not use when pregnant.