Pluto Incense

$30.00 (incl GST)


PLUTO Planetary Incense – Burn on a mini charcoal to Invoke:




Planet:  Pluto

Chakra:  Sacral

Astrology Sign:  Scorpio

Scent notes:  Intense lemon citrusy with dark musky woodsy undertones.

Nothing dwarf about the energy of this planet!  Intense, transformative and potent, our blend is deep & woody with sweet lemony whiffs uplifting even the most crankiest of moods.  Pluto, formally discovered by an American man in 1930, was then named by an 11 year old schoolgirl in Oxford, England who was interested in classical mythology as well as astronomy.  Venetia Burney named it after the God of the underworld which she thought described this new planet of presumably dark and cold existence well.  She received a 5 pound reward for her suggestion.   Its discovery thrilled the world & in the same year Disney named Mickey Mouses’ dog after the new planet.  Pluto is also namesake for the man-made radioactive material plutonium.

Burn on a hot charcoal using a fire-proof dish with a trivet.

Made in Piha via moon and planetary cycles.

Ingredients:  Organic essential oils, herbs, gums, resins and woods.

Limited time:  Free charcoal with incense purchase.

Do not use when pregnant.