Full Moon Dragon Magic Meet Feb-August 2024

$620.00 (incl GST)

Purchase all Seven Full Moon Dragon Magic Events – $650 save $50

This year, 2024 is a powerful year of the Dragon.  Let’s enhance our powers of intuition, by coming together on Zoom, with Karen, on the Full Moon – for a healing meditation, lesson on how to enhance your intuition, chakra by chakra, Astrological/Astronomical musings, and then practice your intuition with like-minded people.

Evening includes:

Self Healing Meditation guided/channelled by Karen Reid

Astrological & Chakra Alignment with how-to intuition lesson

Practice your Intuition with like-minded people

Each evening will focus on healing/enhancing one chakra.

Bring your Tarot/Oracle cards!


Price per evening:  $100

Purchase all 7 for $620 (save $80)

Zoom Dates in New Zealand time:

Sunday February 25th 6pm – 8.30pm Base chakra

Sunday March 25th 6pm – 8.30pm Sacral chakra

Wednesday April 24th 6pm- 8.30pm Solar plexus chakra

Friday May 24th 6pm – 8.30pm Heart chakra

Saturday June 22nd 6pm – 8.30pm Throat chakra

Sunday July 21st 6pm-8.30pm Third eye chakra

Tuesday August 20th 6pm – 8.30pm Crown chakra