Core Light Healing

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Book, Barbara Brennan

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Core Light

Dr Barbara Ann Brennan – 2nd edition (no pictures)

Core Light Healing is the first book in twenty years from Barbara Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. A sequel to her two classic works, Hands of Light andLight Emerging, it extends her beloved teaching to help readers learn to create the lives they long to live.
Barbara reviews the configuration of the Human Energy-Consciousness System (HECS) and goes on to describe the creative process as it flows through the HECS. When the creative pulse is unblocked, we are able to manifest our longing-but we all have blocks that stop the creative flow, places where we have stopped our energy due to wounding and traumas from childhood. Barbara guides us through the steps to release these blocks so creative energy is free to flow. In the second part of the book, Barbara takes us to the astral world to explore its relation to the creative process.
Interwoven through the book are Barbara Brennan’s personal stories of her childhood as well as her experiences as a beginning and then professional healer and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Also included is channelled poetry from her guide, Heyoan, which further elucidates and integrates the concepts presented throughout. Finally, each chapter ends with questions to guide the reader’s further work and exploration.