Chiron Ritual Oil

$35.00 (incl GST)


CHIRON Planetary Ritual Oil – Use to invoke:



Sacred Journey

Planet:  Chiron

Chakra: Core Star

Astrology Sign: Virgo

Scent notes:  Warm, musky, woodsy with hint of citrus

Anoint wrists, behind ears, on 3rd eye for rituals, meditation and yoga.  Use as a perfume, a few drops in Bath, oil burner or diffuser.

Chiron was formally discovered in 1977, by Charles Kowal, classified as a centaur or first part of a class of objects orbiting between Saturn & Uranus.  Scent notes of world base tones, deep and slightly smoky.  Burn to connect with your inner healer & your Core Star – the pure Soul part of yourself that is never hurt, wounded or broken, rather your essence – all of the gifts and core qualities that you bring to this world for growth and enlightenment.

Made in Piha via moon and planetary cycles.

Made with organic essential oils, in a Tsubaki/Jojoba base.

Do not use when pregnant.  Try a test patch on back of wrist for 24 hours if sensitive