Vulcan Ritual Oil

$35.00 (incl GST)


VULCAN Planetary Ritual oil –  Use to invoke:




Planet:  Vulcan

Scent notes: Honey, musky, woodsy, sweet intense floral

Vulcan is an undiscovered planet possibly orbiting between the Sun and Mercury.  In 2018 astronomers found a zone around the Star 40 Eridini A, where a planet could exist with water, though likely uninhabitable.  Vulcan is most famous for being the home of Dr Spock (StarTrek).  We therefore celebrate this energy as being aligned with the Hara level of the human energy field – level on intention.  What you intend shall become.

To Use:  Anoint wrists, behind ears, on 3rd eye for rituals, meditation, yoga.  Use as a perfume, a few drops in Bath, oil burner or diffuser.

Made in Piha via moon and planetary cycles.

Made with organic essential oils in a Tsubaki/Jojoba base.

Do not use when pregnant.  Try a test patch on back of wrist for 24 hours if sensitive.