Love Drawing Powder

$35.00 (incl GST)

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Love Drawing Powder – with Rose Quartz crystal.

Sprinkle, blow or burn

Use to attract: Love, beauty, romance and good friendships

Pocket the crystal for good luck.

Sprinkle around your room, over bed, over body, in bath, or burn as an incense on a hot charcoal.

Love Ritual:  Make a wish then blow it into the air

Magical powders are for ritual use to create and conjure whatever you want in your life.  You can sprinkle them around the room, blow them into the air whilst making a wish, or burn them over a charcoal incense.   Call on the High Priestess, Witch, Magician, Druid Shaman, Wizard or Enchantress within you to invoke the magical power of the Cosmos.

Made in Piha, via Moon cycles