Immune Plus | Organic Essential Oils

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Immune Plus | Organic Essential Oils


This blend is designed to support healthy immune functioning and may be especially helpful during winter when you want extra ammunition against common ills and chills. It assists the body’s natural processes of recovery to help you get you back to health safely and quickly. Suitable for diffusion, inhalation or bath.

Key Components:

Manuka (wild) Leptospermum scoparium
Traditional use: to ease congestion & coughs; to aid natural breathing; to support immune functions.

Lavender Spike (organic) Lavandula latifolia
Traditional use: to offer gentle immune support.

Thyme Thymol (organic) Thymus vulgarus CT thymol
Traditional use: to stabilise immune functions.

Tea Tree (organic) Melaleuca alternifolia
Traditional use: an effective antiseptic; to stimulate immune functions.