Cedar, Palo and Makka | Incense Sticks 7-pack

$40.00 (incl GST)

Cedar, Palo and Makka | Incense Sticks 7-pack

Hand rolled Incense sticks made in Peru.

Combination of Cedar, Palo Santo and Makka

Take your yoga, meditation or contemplation practice to the next level, with this special blend.

Cedar – Burning a smudge stick of cedar, or in a blend will provide an excellent purification of the environment’s energy – an elimination of even the most potent of negative vibrations as well as bringing in positive energies and helps to connect with spiritual guidance.

Palo Santo –  Known as ‘Holy Wood’ is deeply purifying, protecting, and brings in positive energy.

Makka – Traditional Japanese incense base, used for centuries in Japanese culture is sacred and has a warm and woody scent.